Have you ever thought you could get lost in a dip of extra virgin olive oil? Try the Taibi Biancolilla and feel the experience. The first time I tasted it I had to ask my guest to repeat what he was talking about because I was completely "lost" in the sweetness, fruitiness, delicateness of this wonderful oil. I would dearly recommend you try also the Taibi Nocellara extra vergin olive oil at the same time. They are siblings, they both come from Sicily and they are so different! The Nocellara with his strong erupting personality is volcanic.
The Biancolilla, like its name, is a beautiful poem.


Include some of your favorite customer quotes and feedback here as social proof, to build credibility and trust for yI was intrigued to find a gentleman offering samples of olive oil at a farmers market in Brookline, MA and having tasted it was delighted to find what I believe is the finest olive oil I have ever had the pleasure to experience! An excellently smooth mouth feel, slightly fruity, a touch of bitter followed by peppery bite which lingers for just a moment. Simply a perfect balance of everything that makes a great olive oil. A superior product made with great skill which shows in every drop. Thank you for the introduction and sharing your knowledge with me. My hat is off to you all!our services and products.


I use and try more olive oils than most people, and Olio Taibi is hands down the most fragrant, flavorful. I love telling friends to bring their favorite - then watching them agree Olio Taibi is better (by a lot). Try a bottle, NOW.

J. Barrette

I was making two radio documentaries in Sicily recently for the BBC and was given some of this olive oil to pour on a wonderful simple bean soup I was served in Agrigento. It is a delight--the terroir the French talk about, that particularity of place, is captured in a bottle: All the sunshine and ancient beauty of Agrigento and its surrounding countryside.

S M Dillon


Agrigento has one of the most magnificent and best-preserved archeological sites in the world. Here olive trees have thrived for thousands of years. The Valley of the Temples of Agrigento is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.