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Biancolilla extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively with the “Biancolilla” olive variety organically grown in the Taibi family estate near the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Sicily, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This olive oil exhibits fruitiness, green grass, almond, sweetness, bitterness, medium pungency, and notes of red pepper.

We call Biancolilla the “Cashmere glove” of flavor and it is ideal on dishes that are typically paired with white wine, such as delicate salads, simple pasta or rice, steamed fish, vegetables, fresh cheeses, and as an alternative to butter in desserts.

Olio Taibi “Biancolilla” has been awarded the Gold Medal at Domina-IOOC, the highest ranked International Olive Oil Competition held in Italy, and is included in the “Great Olive Oils of The World” list by acclaimed olive oil advocate and  best-seller author Tom Mueller.

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